We are committed to supporting universal registration options for our developer community. Below is an overview of common registration options:

Remote Registration

Send the full registration URL with any needed query parameters for your POST/GET queries.  Standard query parameters include customer first name, customer last name, customer email address and receipt id (unique purchase identifier). 

To improve the security of your remote registration script, we highly recommend you include a unique “key” or “secret” parameter as one of the URL parameters, and that the value should be unique for your registration script. This allows you to easily identify and verify that any request coming in to your server is from one of the MacUpdate servers. 

Secondly, we also recommend that all registration scripts use SSL (https) to provide end-to-end encryption between our servers and yours.

Due to the dynamic nature of our server hosting, we cannot provide a static list of IP addresses to “whitelist”. We do provide the following URLs which contain either CSV or JSON formatted lists of possible IP ranges you may see a request from. Although rare, it is possible that these IP ranges can change at any time, so your registration script should check for the current list of IP ranges periodically. Incoming requests will be from an IP address that is in one of the valid ranges, for example:

IP Address:

IP Range:



  • This is a great option for receiving customer information in real time.

See an example remote registration PHP script

See an example remote registration PHP script utilizing the CocoaFob Framework

Preregistered Licenses

Compile a CSV file with 200 license keys for Enhanced Product Page listings and 500 license keys for Promos. At the conclusion of your promo or at the end of each month, you will be provided with customer information attached to all sold licenses.

  • This is a common option for Paddle users, where exporting bulk licenses is free.

Registration Frameworks

If your app is using a registration framework such as Aquatic Prime or CocoaFob, you can provide your product info and registration keys and our system will generate the registration code or license file automatically.

  • This is a common option for Fast Spring or Potion Store users

Have questions or don't see a solution that works for you? Contact us at promo@macupdate.com.